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Resident Evil Village weapon upgrades guide

Want to know how weapon upgrades work in Resident Evil Village? As you make your way through creepy castles and dangerous villages in Resident Evil, you need to upgrade your weapons to stay ahead of the curve. The pistol found at the beginning of the game becomes a glorified pea-shooter only a few hours in if you forget to upgrade it.

You can upgrade any weapon by heading over to The Duke’s Gunsmithy. Each gun features elements that can be enhanced, allowing you to customise every weapon to suit your playstyle. These upgrades don’t come cheap, however, so you’ll need to carefully consider every option before committing to anything, as you won’t be able to get a refund.

Weapon upgrades cost Lei, Resident Evil Village’s in-game currency. You can easily acquire money by killing enemies – most Lycans in the village areas drop valuable items, ammunition, and money when taken down. There are certain treasures like Crystal Skulls and Gems that Ethan can’t do anything with, but The Duke will happily purchase them. Here’s everything you need to know about weapon upgrades in Resident Evil Village.


Resident Evil games have always encouraged players to explore the environment thoroughly, and Village is no exception to this. Make a habit of searching for hidden drawers and breakable boxes everywhere you go. Note that not all breakable items have handy prompts, so it’s worth seeing if something breaks to find any hidden items lurking inside. Not only will you pick up key items to unlock brand new areas, but your inventory will be stocked up with treasures to sell to The Duke.

Killing Lycans and other monsters like the Thralls in Castle Dimitrescu won’t guarantee any item drops, but your odds of picking up something useful from them is pretty good. Unless you find yourself completely overwhelmed, it’s always worth killing any nearby enemies in hopes of picking up treasures.

Though you can sell the meat acquired from killing the local animals, we strongly recommend against this for now. We’re not sure whether the animals roaming around the village respawn after a certain amount of time. If the meat is limited, you’re better off creating Resident Evil Village recipes instead for permanent upgrades.


Choosing which weapon upgrades to prioritise is usually down to personal preference. Accurate shooters will want to go with power upgrades every time to deal more damage per bullet. The inventory system in Resident Evil Village is similar to Resident Evil 4, forcing players to make careful decisions about what items they carry. If you want to limit the amount of ammo you have to lug around, upgrade your ammo capacity to use twice the number of magazines when reloading. You can also upgrade your inventory size, but this is very expensive early on.

Before you decide to upgrade that magnum you found, think about how often you find ammo for that weapon. Certain ammo types are harder to come by, forcing you to craft ammo at a workbench or spend Lei at The Duke’s Emporium. Pistol and shotgun ammo are usually the most commonly found ones in Resident Evil games, so it’s worth prioritising these weapons in the early game.

There are some weapon upgrades that cannot be purchased from The Duke. These upgrades usually come in the form of high-capacity magazines, cheek rests for sniper rifles, and hair triggers for shotguns. Finding these upgrades can be tricky, and sometimes you only have a brief window to claim them before an area is locked off forever.

And that’s all we know about the weapon upgrades in Resident Evil Village so far. Be sure to check out our Resident Evil Village hunting guide for some helpful survival tips. It’s also worth looking at our Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding locations guide if you had some trouble tracking down these pesky collectibles.

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