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Rumor: Capcom Has Major Remakes in Development

The recent ransomware attack on Capcom reveals tantalizing rumors about remakes for several games, including some long-neglected classics.

On Monday, Capcom confirmed that it was the target of a massive ransomware attack that has revealed a great deal of info about the publisher’s plans for future titles. Many of the company’s most-notable were included in the leak, but apparently, there are also some unexpected remakes or revivals in the works.

The hack includes information charting out Capcom’s plans for the next four years, as well as source code fragments and employee data. Many of the titles in the near future are focused on flagship franchises, such as Monster HunterResident Evil, and Street Fighter. In 2024, however, the company seems to have its sights set on reviving the classic brawler Final Fight, and the unconventional, but much-beloved fighter, Power Stone.

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Other remakes and revivals abound, with a new Onimusha project headed the market in 2022, and a remake of Resident Evil 4, which many fans consider one of the series high points. But a revival of the side-scrolling Final Fight franchise, and the 3D arena fighter Power Stone, raises the most interesting questions. Both titles were much beloved by gamers in their respective heydays, but one must wonder why Capcom would resurrect those properties after such a long period of neglect.

Final Fight is a topical game for revival, given the tremendous success of the recently revived side-scroller, Streets of Rage 4, though there is no telling if Capcom plans on sticking with the series’ roots, or modernizing the action in a new format. Again, given the current positivity surrounding the beat’em ups, one has to wonder why Capcom is giving the competition a four year lead on returning to the genre.

The Power Stone series was tragically short-lived, partially because of the ill-fated platforms that supported it, including the Dreamcast and the PlayStation Portable. Fierce competition from the Super Smash Bros. franchise did not help, though the two games are remarkably distinct despite a few similarities. Power Stone 2 is one of a handful of Dreamcast titles that still hold up today, and a revival would be a welcome addition to any library of party-friendly, multiplayer fighters.

It is possible that Capcom is waiting on the revivals to avoid stealing the spotlight from other heavy-hitting properties, like Resident Evil Village, but it seems more likely that Capcom is taking its time with these remakes. Capturing what made a classic title great while renovating mechanics for modern audiences is a huge undertaking and a considerable challenge. And it is important to remember that the listed titles are only rumored at the moment.

While fans are likely elated to hear new installments are in the works, it is a shame that the hack spoiled the surprise. Hopefully, the leaks will not adversely impact their development.

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Source: Resetera

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