Samsung shows the PS5 some love by slapping a heatsink on the 980 Pro SSD

Samsung effectively kicked off the second wave of PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs when it released the 980 Pro back in September last year. While other drives have come along and claimed the performance crown since its launch (such as the WD_Black SN850), it’s still a good drive for anyone looking at performance first and foremost. Including anyone that has a Sony PlayStation 5 and is looking to bolster the internal drive space.

At least, it is if you buy a third-party cooler at the same time; the drive itself doesn’t come with one. This generally isn’t a problem on PCs, as motherboards tend to come with some form of cooling for NVMe SSDs. It’s more of an issue for the PS5—the specs for the SSD drive bay for Sony’s console requires that some form of cooling is required. 

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