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SEGA Releases Sonic the Hedgehog Web Short Rise of the Wisps

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, SEGA has released the first episode of a new, two-part animated web series, called Rise of the Wisps.

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Rise of the Wisps introduces fans to the new Jade Wisp and welcomes back the return of Sonic, Tails, and the notorious Dr. Eggman from the Sonic Colors universe. You can check out the brand new animated series below:

Sega promises the upgrade will have “enhanced visuals” as well as “refined controls.” “Gameplay upgrades” was also listed but not detailed. There is a new Jade Ghost power up from Team Sonic Racing and it lets players pass through objects and find new paths. The new Rival Rush mode also lets players race Metal Sonic.

A full list of the changes coming to the game, courtesy of SEGA, include:

  • HD Updates – New high-definition updates and improvements, including 60 FPS, re-vamped lighting, improved graphics, and 4K resolution
  • New Mode “Rival Rush” – Go head-to-head with Metal Sonic to unlock rewards
  • Park Tokens & Customization – Head to the store and use park tokens to unlock unique boosts, auras, shoes, and gloves for Sonic
  • Jade Ghost – Transform Sonic, fly around and pass through solid objects to reach hidden areas
  • Customizable Controls – Customize your controls to find a layout that suits your play style
  • Tails Save – Find a tails save and be taken back to safety if you need to be rescued
  • 100 Count Ring – Collect a 100 Count Ring to gain temporary invincibility and boost your score after each level
  • Music – Fully remixed soundtrack to set the pace while you put an end to Dr. Eggman’s evil plan

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Sonic Colors: Ultimate is set to release both digitally and physically on September 7, 2021, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One Consoles, and Nintendo Switch, with a digital-only release on PC via the Epic Games Store. Preorders for the game are live now, with the game set to retail for $39.99.

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