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Sierra Counters
Sierra Counters

A complete guide on how to defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra in Pokémon GO. Sierra counters are Pokémon that are specialized in defeating her line-up with ease.

Use this Sierra guide in combination with knowing Sierra’s Pokémon to ensure a victory. Remember that you can rematch Sierra if you lose the first time.

Sierra’s Pokémon Line-Up

Sierra uses Shadow Drowzee as her first Pokémon. Sierra’s second Pokémon can be Shadow Exeggutor, Shadow Lapras or Shadow Sharpedo. Her third Pokémon can be Shadow Shiftry, Shadow Houndoom or Shadow Alakazam.

Countering Sierra’s Pokémon


Pokemon GO DrowzeeDrowzee

Sierra’s Drowzee uses Normal or Psychic fast moves, and only Psychic charge moves. Drowzee is weak to Dark, Bug and Ghost moves, but we will be using mostly Dark Pokémon to counter it.

Recommended Drowzee counters


Pokemon GO LaprasLapras

Sierra’s Lapras uses Water and Ice moves, with Skull Bash providing additional Normal type coverage for Charge moves.

Some Lapras moves deals reduced damage to Dragon, some to Steel, which is quite interesting when picking counters. The priority is to resist the fast move and shield against the charge move.

Recommended Lapras counters

Sierra Lapras counters should take reduced damage from whatever fast move Lapras is using. Hence the wild variety of counters below. Grass types are great against Water Gun, but terrible against Frost Breath.


Pokemon GO SharpedoSharpedo

Sierra’s Sharpedo can have Dark and Water fast moves, and Dark, Water or Poison charge moves. Sharpedo is weak to Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fighting and Grass, it hits like a truck and it can be quite a menace to deal with if you don’t defeat it quickly.

Recommended Sharpedo counters

Again, picking counters against Sharpedo is heavily influenced by its fast move. Pick whatever takes reduced damage from it.


Pokemon GO ShiftryShiftry

Sierra’s Shiftry is not that difficult to defeat. Shiftry’s Fast moves are Grass and Dark moves, and charge moves can be Grass, Dark and Flying (Hurricane) moves. Overall, Pokémon with “weird” movesets and inherit type advantage are a solid pick here.

Recommended Shiftry counters


Pokemon GO HoundoomHoundoom

Sierra’s Houndoom uses Dark and Fire fast and charge moves, which make him easy to counter. His weakness to Water, Fighting, Rock and Ground is easy to exploit and that’s exactly what we will be doing here.

Recommended Houndoom counters


Pokemon GO AlakazamAlakazam

Sierra’s Alakazam uses Psychic quick moves, but has a wide Charge move pool (Focus Blast is a beast). Dark types excel against Alakazam, but shielding is mandatory. The key here, as it often is in PvP, is to resist the Fast move.

Recommended Alakazam counters

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