Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition update might be more disruptive to modding than expected

If you play Skyrim: Special Edition with mods, you’ve probably got Steam set to “only update this game when I launch it” in the properties menu, and you launch it from a separate exe via your mod manager of choice. If you don’t, then every time the Bethesda Creation Club gets some new content, it breaks the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), a vital plug-in needed for several of the best Skyrim mods.

When Skyrim’s 10th anniversary rolls around next month, you’ll be able to buy the Anniversary Edition, which is basically the 64-bit Special Edition plus everything currently in the Creation Club and 26 more creations yet to be released. Even if you don’t, the Special Edition will get some free creations (fishing, survival mode, and the Saints & Seducers quest). Rather than a separate entry in Steam, it’ll be an update to the existing version. And it’s apparently going to be even more of a problem for modders than the regular updates.

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