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Snacko Developers Release Adorable New Trailer

There is an all new trailer for the long awaited feline-themed life sim Snacko!

Since being announced what seems like many lifetimes ago, Snacko has been growing bigger and cuter by the day. The developers have been practicing due diligence when it comes to keeping the fans updated, and the new trailer shows that the game is coming along just fine.

Snacko Farming

For those that may have missed it, Snacko is an upcoming life sim indie game. It has everything one could hope for in a sim game, including the opportunity to take part in a new life as a cat. With a variety of features including farming, fishing, decorating, and exploring, the aim of the game is to recruit animal friends and rebuild an abandoned island where cats (naturally) rule the world! 

Snacko Trailer

More info

For more information on Snacko, you can see my coverage here.

For more great farming/life sim games where you can play as a cat, check out my coverage of Kitaria Fables.


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