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Sony Confirms Full 20 Game Lineup For PlayStation Classic

10. Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1999)

Widely regarded as the best 2D fighter of the generation and one of the very best fighting games of all time, Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a gaming juggernaut that brings an authentic arcade experience to a home console. During this generation, Sony’s PlayStation was digging its heels into any avenue it could exploit. Seeing value in various new genres, the PlayStation made some risky moves in bringing adult-themed games to the console and creating new genres. However, the idea of bringing classic fighting games back into the fold was further advancement in gaming technology than anybody could have anticipated.

With the Nintendo 64 lacking an outstanding 2D arcade fighter, and the Sega Saturn (which had previously housed the best games in the fighting genre) being nearly defunct, the PlayStation stepped up and topped its own Tekken 3 with the fabulous Street Fighter Alpha 3. It was an outstanding port of the 1998 arcade hit and proved consoles could support an identical experience to the arcade. Source: YouTube

9. Final Fantasy Tactics (1998)

Final Fantasy Tactics is a worthy competitor to both the Fire Emblem and Shining Force series for the title of greatest turn-based strategy franchise of all time. The first offering in the series arrived on the PlayStation in North America during 1998, and it became evident very early on that it was an incredibly special game. Strategy RPGs remained an untapped resource in North America as there weren’t that many of them to be released. In fact, the Fire Emblem series remained exclusive to Japan until 2003, when the seventh main game in the series was translated and released in North America.

Final Fantasy Tactics attempted to enter the genre by flaunting the name “Final Fantasy” in its title. Following the enormous success of Final Fantasy VII, this was an effective strategy to have audiences look at the game. Fortunately, Final Fantasy Tactics doesn’t rest on its laurels by cashing in on a name. Instead, it contains the deepest, most emotional story ever told in a strategy RPG, offers a seemingly infinite amount of characters to recruit and has addictive, rewarding gameplay.,30336/ Source:

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