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Sony Reveals PS Plus Plans for the Future

Sony clarifies its plans for PlayStation Plus for the future, including PS4 game availability and whether PS5 games will come to the service.

As the PlayStation 5‘s launch creeps ever closer, PlayStation fans have wondered what PS Plus will look like going forward. To ease some of those concerns, Sony has answered a number of questions regarding libraries, next-generation games, and more.

PS Plus has been a Sony console staple for more than a decade, and spans two console generations. The initiative proved so successful with gamers that Microsoft launched Games With Gold for the Xbox 360 just a few years later. In the years since, longtime subscribers have amassed large libraries of free games across multiple platforms. As such, there has been some concern over how exactly Sony plans to incorporate PS Plus into its PS5 launch plans.

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Naturally, gamers are reticent to lose out on their collections. According to its “ultimate” PS5 FAQ, Sony reassures gamers that their collections aren’t going anywhere. In accordance with its approach to backward compatibility on the PS5, PS4 games that are playable on PS5 can be downloaded as normal. The stipulation, of course, is that an active PS Plus membership is required to do so.

With regard to PS5 games on PS Plus, Sony’s goal is to “add PS5 games regularly to the monthly lineup.” Already, this has proven true in one case: the PS5 version of Bugsnax is included in this month’s PS Plus lineup. Further, the FAQ states that PS Plus members who own a PlayStation 5 will have access to a bundle of last generation’s hits. Dubbed the PlayStation Plus Collection, the bundle includes iconic PS4 games like Bloodborne, God of War, and Uncharted 4.

bloodborne Kratos god of war

The news should delight gamers for a number of reasons. The new consoles are leaning into an accessibility approach for their vast catalogs, giving gamers access to what could be the largest launch libraries ever. Pre-orders may have been messy, but when gamers do get the chance to upgrade, there will be no shortage of games to play.

For Sony, the approach is something of a gamble. While the systems themselves are expensive, their profit margins are rather slim. Instead, it’s the software that sells systems. Microsoft is taking the gutsy approach of launching the Xbox Series entirely with cross-platform titles. Sony, meanwhile, looks to provide next-gen exclusives alongside its huge backward compatible library. How these strategies play out, and which will prove more successful, will be interesting to watch this week. Regardless, this may be the most consumer-friendly console launch cycle in recent memory.

PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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