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Sony unveils new Midnight Black colour option for its Pulse 3D Wireless Headset •

Due to arrive in October.

Sony has unveiled a brand-new colour option for its Pulse 3D wireless PS5 headset – black.

More specifically, the new headset variant comes in what Sony is calling Midnight Black, an all-black version ideal for those not overly keen on the white and black colour combination seen on the original iteration of its official PS5 headset.

This marks Sony’s second PS5 peripheral to carry the Midnight Black moniker, arriving alongside the recently released Midnight Black DualSense wireless controller – one of two new “galaxy-themed” controller colours, the other being Cosmic Red.

Midnight Black Headset – Reveal Trailer.

Those eager for their ears to match their fingers will be able to purchase the Midnight Black version of the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset (described as being “specifically designed to take full advantage of [PS5’s] Tempest 3D AudioTech”) when it releases globally in October.

Sony notes that Pulse 3D users will be able to make use of a new audio equaliser control feature as part of today’s big PlayStation 5 update.

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