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‘Spider-Man’ Dev Could Have Made Game Based On Any Marvel Character They Wanted

Of course, you don’t just dismiss the opportunity to work on a Marvel game outright, so Price decided to ask around and see how other developers at his company felt about it. “The response I got was eye-opening for me,” Price said. “The answer was, ‘Are you crazy? Of course we’re going to work on a Marvel game!”

Even better, Marvel insisted on giving Insomniac full creative license and didn’t want the studio to do any sort of movie or comic book tie-in. In fact, they were willing to let Insomniac create their own version of any of their characters. “[Marvel said] ‘Look, we’ve got a lot of characters. Pick a character that you guys think works for you, and then we’d love to hear your take on it.”

So how did the studio settle on Spider-Man? Price said they discussed some other characters early on, but he doesn’t recall which ones specifically. However, it didn’t take long for Spidey to become the frontrunner, primarily because the Insomniac team saw a lot of themselves in Peter Parker the scrappy underdog.

“He’s so human, and he’s so relatable. He’s also the most popular Marvel character in the world, I think” Price said, “but it was more Peter and Spider-Man that drew us to that particular character.”

When Spider-Man was first announced, it was a surprise to see Insomniac’s name attached. However, it didn’t take long for fans to recognize the developer was a perfect fit, with many pointing to the studio’s work on the 2014 Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, an open-world game with a fun, Spider-Man-esque traversal system. Unsurprisingly, Price points to Sunset Overdrive as being a great stepping stone to developing Spider-Man.

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