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Spider-Man PS4 Director Hints At Venom And Symbiote Suit For Sequel

4. Ghostbusters Fire Station

While the logo doesn’t appear (most likely due to licensing purposes), there’s no mistaking the classic fire station from Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters’ base of operations can be found in the southern region of the map just to the east of a research station there and features the familiar red door and gold plating. Oh and if there were any doubt, there’s also a spray-painted image of a ghost on the wall behind the station.

3. Goblin Grenades

While you don’t actually get to fight the Green Goblin in Spider-Man — probably because Norman Osborn is too busy being mayor — the classic Spidey villain does get a cameo of sorts. You can find prototype Goblin Grenades on a desk inside Oscorp Headquarters.

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2. Insomniac Dev Photos

In the same F.E.A.S.T. Shelter where you can find Uncle Ben’s photo, you’ll spot a wall featuring photos of all the shelter’s volunteers. These photos are actually members of the Insomniac team that made the game! This may not be on par with the developer’s captivating museum areas from the Ratchet & Clank series, but it’s still cool that they were able to toss in a subtle Easter egg referencing themselves.

Insomniac Games

1. “The Best Saddest Easter Egg Ever”

This is one Easter egg in Spider-Man that is just way too real. In May of this year, Tyler Schultz tweeted at Insomniac Games asking if the developer could help him with a marriage proposal to his girlfriend of five years, Madison. Insomniac agreed, asking only that he wait until the game’s Sept. 7th release date to see what they had cooked up. Schultz agreed, confident that he’d still want to propose by then. This is where the story just gets downright depressing.

Spider-Man did indeed ship with an Easter egg marriage proposal in the form of a movie theatre marquee reading, “Maddie, will you marry me?” Unfortunately, Schultz had broken up with his girlfriend before the game was released and what’s worse, she left him for his brother! As Schultz explained in a video (that has since been taken down from YouTube), “This might go down in history as the saddest Easter egg.” Insomniac has since reached out to Schultz and offered to take the proposal out of the game.

It should be noted that we only have one side of the story here and there could be more to the whole situation than Schultz is letting on. However, if true, this truly might be the saddest Easter egg we’ve ever come across!

Insomniac Games

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