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Spider-Man: The Heist Review – Goliath

It’s a bit reductive to call The Heist just “more Spider-Man” but that’s a pretty accurate description of what you’re getting here. Outside of an early mission that sees you rushing around a museum to stop bad guys from stealing artifacts and a new twist on the Taskmaster style challenges from the main game, much of what The Heist has to offer is familiar territory. Not that that’s a bad thing necessarily, as Spider-Man’s core gameplay is so good that even just getting more of the same feels like a treat, but if you’ve had your fill of swinging around New York and fighting bad guys, there may not be enough here to entice you to come back.

One source of disappointment is that you don’t get to control Black Cat directly. I was hoping maybe Spider-Man would go for something like Batman: Arkham City’s Catwoman sections and offer a fully playable new character, but the most you get to do is order Felicia around in one specific stealth section. It’s not a big deal and it’s probably unfair to have expected Insomniac to introduce a totally new playable character into the mix, but given Black Cat’s abilities, it sure would have been fun to get to maneuver her through the game’s beautifully-realized New York City.

In addition to new story missions, The Heist introduces some new collectibles in the form of stolen paintings, which are worth tracking down thanks to the engaging subplot built around them. Screwball also makes a return and has her own set of largely optional challenges, including a particularly inspired combat one that restricts Spider-Man to just two of his gadgets. It’s a little disappointing that there aren’t more challenges of this variety, but the addition of photo bomb targets, which award bonus points for hitting correctly, at least help Screwball’s challenges avoid feeling like rehashes of Taskmaster’s.

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