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Square Enix Extends Final Fantasy Origin Demo After Its Corrupt Launch

During its E3 show this week, Square Enix officially revealed its new Soulsian Final Fantasy spin-off: Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. To pique gamers’ interest, the company launched the gameplay demo on PS5 as soon as the show had ended. But unfortunately, the first players who attempted to play this demo found that it was corrupted. To make up for that, Square Enix is extending the demo period for a few extra days.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin … you know what, that’s as awkward to write as it is to say, so I’ll just call it FF Origin for the sake of this article. FF Origin, which is in some way related to the original Final Fantasy, stars three men who are on a quest to kill an entity called Chaos. So far, so typical. Square Enix announced during the show that the game, which will be available on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles, will have a gameplay demo on PS5.

However, within minutes of them announcing this, users who rushed to the PlayStation Store to download the demo reported that it was corrupt and they couldn’t play it. This was rectified fairly quickly by the company, but it’s amusing considering that the company was imploring users for feedback. So to make up for this, PS5 users can now download the demo until June 26.

FF Origin has already garnered a bit of a curious reaction from gamers, considering what few details we know about the game so far. What relation the characters have to the first Final Fantasy is not clear, but Tetsuya Nomura has said that the two games do share a setting. The main characters are also very simply dressed for the series, and Nomura has also implied there’s some significance to this too. I suppose we’ll know for sure when the game is released sometime in 2022.

Source: GameSpot

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