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Square Enix Files More Final Fantasy 7-Related Ever Crisis Trademarks

Square Enix registers a new trademark for a Final Fantasy 7-related term that’s stirring up a variety of rumors and speculation.

This past week Square Enix celebrated the birthday of Final Fantasy 7‘s Aerith. The celebration went viral across social media, showing that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has brought back the classic JRPG into the modern discourse. With a prospective Final Fantasy Remake part two likely years away, however, Square Enix will have to get creative to keep the game’s momentum. A glimpse at its plans may have come in the form of some recently published Square Enix trademarks.

As reported by Gematsu, a Square Enix trademark for the brand Ever Crisis has now been filed. The name itself is evocative of Final Fantasy 7. Specifically, it seems a reference to Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7, a mobile phone game and the first chapter of the Square Enix metaseries Compilation of Final Fantasy 7. The compilation includes all manner of video games, movies, and so on tied to the Final Fantasy 7 universe. Ever Crisis would perhaps refer to a rebranding for this compilation, or perhaps a new product related to the larger franchise.

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Another reference that the trademark could be referring to is Final Fantasy 7‘s spin-off, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 followed Zack Fair, a briefly featured but extremely important character in the original JRPG. Final Fantasy 7 Remake added new potential to Zack Fair’s character. That could mean Square Enix has bigger plans for him, whether it be a new release for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 rebranded as Ever Crisis, or something new altogether.

For those curious as to whether Ever Crisis is a Final Fantasy 7-related trademark at all, there’s more evidence worth considering. The United States trademark is actually quite late. Ever Crisis has already been trademarked in Australia, Canada, Europe, and Japan. Alongside the trademark, Square Enix also trademarked a Shinra logo, as well as The First Soldier. While Ever Crisis isn’t guaranteed to be Final Fantasy-related, it seems like a near certainty.

Suffice to say, Final Fantasy 7 fans appear to have something to look forward to between now and the eventual release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake part two. What form it takes remains to be seen, but the process is clearly moving forward at Square Enix.

While the trademark may be very interesting to fans of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, that doesn’t mean that any news is coming anytime soon. While anything is possible, fans may want to hold their interest in check until further information about Square Enix’s plans have been announced. More Final Fantasy 7 Remake news is coming. It’s just a matter of time.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available now on PS4.

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Source: Gematsu

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