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Among the many things celebrating the anniversary of Mario was the release of Super Mario 35 back in October of this year. This title is a battle royale styled Mario platformer that uses the classic Super Mario graphics from the NES title.

While this game will only be around for a limited amount of time for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has announced a new event for Super Mario 35. This event is focused on the Koopa King himself, Bowser.

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The event is named Showdown at Bowser’s Castle and will be running from November 5th at 11:00 pm PDT to November 8th at 10:59 pm PDT. In it, players will be running through the first stages from worlds 1-4 of the original Super Mario Bros. as well as the Bowser Castle stages from these worlds.

With this event, there will be six different courses that players will need to get through. Of course, the event will only be around for a short time, so players wanting to participate in it will need to do so as soon as they can.

While this event is active, players will need to outplay all others as they go off to defeat Bowser. It might be a little difficult among 34 other players, but the more people play, the better they will get.

As mentioned before, players can only get and play Super Mario 35 for a limited amount of time. After March 31st, 2021, the game will be removed from the Switch’s e-shop and players who have already downloaded it will no longer be able to play. The game itself is free, however it does require a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership and a Nintendo account in order to play.

Super Mario Bros. 35 is available now on Switch.

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