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Terrakion Counters Guide

Pokemon GO TerrakionTerrakion

Best Terrakion counters are Psystrike Mewtwo and Meteor Mash Metagross. Terrakion is a Tier 5 raid boss with 48457 Boss CP. It can be easily trio raided. Terrakion can be caught in following CP ranges:

  • 2026 – 2113 (Unboosted Level 20 raid catch)
  • 2553 – 2641 (Boosted Level 25 raid catch in Cloudy and Partly Cloudy)

Terrakion is easily duoed with a team of Psystrike or Psychic Mewtwo, without relying on weather. It can be an easy trio with any of the other high tier counters. Mewtwo is of course the unmatched best counter, with Meteor Mash Metagross being a relatively distant 2nd place. Maxed a Jirachi for whatever reason? This is one of the few raid bosses where you can take full advantage of its mixed Confusion and Doom Desire set.

Terrakion Counters

The following table lists best Terrakion counters in Pokemon GO. Italics indicate legacy movesets. Generally their usefulness is based on this legacy moveset.


Terrakion Raid Counters Guide
Terrakion Raid Counters Guide

Analysis of Terrakion Counters

Terrakion has 260 ATK, 192 DEF and 209 STA. It’s middling defence makes it fairly easy, but with the wrong counters you can struggle. Being a Rock and Fighting type, it’s weak to Psychic, Water, Fighting, Grass, Ground, and Fairy. It’s quite common that you’ll be facing a weather boosted Terrakion, as it’s types are boosted by the 2 most common weather conditions: Cloudy and Partly Cloudy.

Pokemon GO MewtwoMewtwo

Mewtwo is unmatched, just altogether the best counter for Terrakion by a mile. Psystrike’s obviously the better of the 2, but Psychic is definitely viable as well, if you just want to spend some dust on a second move for your already maxed Shadow Ball Mewtwo.

Pokemon GO MetagrossMetagross

Metagross boasts incredible bulk and resistances, without skimping on damage. This is finally the time to break out those community day Metagross for a reason other than gym sweeping! A mixed Psychic set is fine, too, if you have a high level one for whatever reason. Just watch out for Earthquake.

Pokemon GO LatiosLatios

Finally Latios is relevant! After ages of being a not great Dragon attacker, it’s now a pretty decent Psychic attacker. However, Mewtwo got Psystrike, so Latios just kinda… Exists.

Pokemon GO KyogreKyogre

Among the best in rainy weather, but still good in any other.

Pokemon GO AlakazamAlakazam

An absolute glass cannon reliant on a legacy move. Use cautiously. You can also use Espeon in the same role.

Pokemon GO JirachiJirachi

Ooh, a mythical! Just behind Metagross and Mewtwo, actually, but held back by the fact you only get one. Many people would prefer to keep Jirachi for great or ultra league, just in case.

Other options that aren’t too bad

  • Gallade (Confusion Psychic, Psychic Psychic)
  • Celebi (Confusion Psychic, Psychic Psychic)
  • Exeggutor (Confusion Psychic, Psychic Psychic/Solar Beam Grass)
  • Swampert (Either fast, Hydro Cannon Water)
  • Garchomp (Mud Shot Ground, Earthquake Ground)
  • Togekiss (Charm Fairy, Dazzling Gleam Fairy)

Terrakion has the strongest Pokemon in the game, Psystrike Mewtwo, as a counter, so as long as you have a healthy supply of those (or Psychic Mewtwo and Meteor Mash Metagross), a Duo is possible and a Trio is easy. There’s many other counters, as Terrakion has 7 weaknesses, many of which are very common, so you can build your team with whatever’s available.

Terrakion moves

Fast move Charge move
  • Smack Down Rock (fast)
  • Zen Headbutt Psychic (fast)
  • Close Combat Fighting (charge, 1-bar)
  • Earthquake Ground (charge, 1-bar)
  • Rock Slide Rock (charge, 2-bar)

Weather Effects

As you can see, basically any weather has an effect on Terrakion and it’s main counters, due to its array of weaknesses. Aim to raid it in Cloudy weather, as it’ll boost 2 types for you and give you a higher level Terrakion on catch. A duo in Windy or Snow is comical, so if you experience either of those weather conditions, give it a shot.

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