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The 15 Worst Gaming Peripherals Of All Time

10. U-Force

Manufacturer: Brøderbund

Year of Release: 1989

The U-Force is a motion-control peripheral released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. Unlike the Sega Activator peripheral, the U-Force was designed to read only the player’s hands and arms, translating their gestures into control pad inputs. The controller was made by Brøderbund, a now-defunct publisher of classic PC games like Prince of Persia and Myst.

At $70 in 1989, the U-Force was an expensive piece of tech. The device was featured at CES and had an extensive marketing campaign that promised that it would work with pretty much every title for the NES. As we’ve seen with other peripherals on this list, the creators promised the moon but the device simply didn’t work and once again gamers were duped into laying down cash for an elaborate piece of plastic.

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9. The Power Glove

Manufacturer: Nintendo & Abrams Gentile Entertainment

Year of Release: 1989

The Power Glove is arguably the most iconic gaming peripheral of all time. The peripheral was featured in the 1989 film The Wizard, which was essentially a two hour Nintendo commercial. Most of us will remember the scene where the film’s antagonist, Lucas Barton, unveils the Power Glove from a briefcase and gives viewers an extended on-screen demo of Rad Racer. After Lucas finishes, he turns to the audience and says, “The Power Glove. It’s so bad.” It’s too bad this description turned out to be literal.

Gamers flocked to their local Toys R’ Us to buy this exciting new device and be the first kid on the street to own one. The Power Glove functioned by using a series of sensors attached to the TV, which picked up sound transmissions broadcast by the Power Glove in order to triangulate its position in 3D space. Then there was the frustrating proposition of programming the Power Glove for use with each individual game. Unfortunately, most games simply involved using individual finger movements that translated to button presses in-game. The dream of being Lucas from The Wizard and showing off for the kids on your street ended up with users sitting on the floor flicking their index finger up and down while yelling at the screen in frustration.

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