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The 25 Best PlayStation 2 Games Of All Time

24. Katamari Damacy

The PS2 was home to all sorts of quirky, distinctly Japanese games and Katamari Damacy was easily one of the best. A budget title that originally sold for only $20 in the US, Katamari Damacy managed to find an audience in the west thanks to its low price and irresistibly oddball premise. Boiled down to its basics, Katamari is just a game about making a bigger snowball but the key difference is that that ball is made up of literally everything.

Starting out small, you use both analog sticks to roll a sticky ball around with the goal of making it as big as possible. At first, you’re just collecting things like paper clips but eventually you’ll roll up people, animals, buildings and eventually entire planets. Katamari Damacy is simplistic sure, but incredibly addictive and made all the more joyous thanks to its adorable art style and fun music. A true PS2 gem all around. Source: Medium

23. SSX Tricky

While a case could certainly be made for SSX 3 being the best snowboarding game on the PS2, we have to give the slight edge to SSX Tricky, which to this day is still one of the greatest snowboard racing games ever made. The original SSX was a PS2 launch game and one of the few titles that actually made the console worth picking up upon release. Released only a year later, Tricky could have easily been a cash-in effort but EA took the time to improve upon the original in every way, most notably in the trick system, which introduced “uber tricks” that were not only jaw-dropping to look at, but had tangible benefits when it came to the actual racing.

We could go on about the level design, addictive World Circuit mode, or the fact that the game’s soundtrack revolves around Run DMC’s “Tricky” and somehow it never gets old, but we’ll just leave off with reiterating again that SSX Tricky is the real deal and a true PS2 classic. Source: Fan Share

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