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The 25 Best PS4 Games

4. Overwatch

Blizzard’s colorful first-person shooter really shouldn’t have worked as well as it did, as it was a full-priced game lacking any sort of offline story component, which as the rotting corpses of games like Evolve has shown, is typically a recipe for disaster. However, Blizzard proved to be the exception, crafting a finely tuned shooter that, despite not featuring a campaign of any sort, is dripping with character thanks to its cast of diverse heroes.

Although Overwatch can get extremely competitive, it really is a shooter for everyone, as its focus on objectives over kills means that raw skill is less important than the ability to work together as a team. Most importantly, it’s a game that is constantly evolving, with Blizzard adding new heroes, maps, and balance tweaks on a consistent basis since release. If its rabid fan following is any indication, Overwatch is a game that will continue to be one of the industry’s most talked about (and most played) games for years to come. Source:

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Even before release, we kind of expected that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End would be one of the best PS4 games ever made, as Naughty Dog have routinely proven themselves to be one of the most talented developers in the business. Still, while we knew the studio would deliver a fitting conclusion to Nathan Drake’s story, we didn’t expect they would save the best for last, as Uncharted 4 could very well be considered best entry in the series to date (it’s a toss up between it and Uncharted 2). While it’s easy to praise the game’s incredible performances (has there been a better depiction of marriage in gaming?), level design, and visuals, what truly elevates Uncharted 4 is its narrative.

At this point, you would think that there wouldn’t be much else to say about plucky adventurer Nathan Drake, yet Naughty Dog found a way to close out his story in an emotional way that doesn’t feel contrived and actually digs deeper into the psychology of a man who hunts treasure (and murders a ton of mercenaries) for fun better than any previous game in the series. While it doesn’t quite top The Last of Us, which remains Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, Uncharted 4 is still a crowning achievement no matter which way you look at it. Source:

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