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The Absolute Worst Video Games Of All-Time

5. Bubsy 3D

Released: 1996

Platform: Sony PlayStation

The game that sent the franchise into dormancy for almost two decades, Bubsy 3D was released for the Sony PlayStation in 1996. A platforming game much like the first three entries in the series, this time around developer Eidetic opted for a fully 3D environment. A part of the infancy of 3D platformers, Bubsy 3D was simply poorly made and never reached the developer’s lofty goals. The game follows Bubsy, an orange bobcat and central character of the Bubsy series, who must stop a race of aliens known as the Woolies from stealing all of the Earth’s yarn.

Bubsy 3D received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics, with criticism being directed at the game’s control, camera, voice acting and overall personality of the main character, who became loathed by gamers. Truth be told, the Bubsy series has never been one that has been held in high regard and with 2017’s release of Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back also being a commercial failure, we may have finally seen the death of the franchise.

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4. Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing

Released: 2003

Platform: PC

Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing is a game so astoundingly bad that it manages to transcend nearly every boundary put forth by some of gaming’s absolute worst. Big Rigs was intended to be a racing game based on long-haul trucks that speed through various US trucking routes in some kind of effort to deliver cargo before the competition gets there first. Unfortunately, the game is a complete mess, with computer-controlled opponents who never actually move. Due to your opponent’s ineptitude, you win every single time and are treated to a screen that reads “You’re Winner”.

There is no real point to playing Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing aside from the hilarity of driving around the game’s broken environments, which are completely devoid of physics and collision detection. The game allows you to drive through buildings, trees, and other vehicles, which eventually drive off into the abyss. Big Rigs obviously received terrible reviews and is regarded by many critics as the worst game of all-time.


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