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The Most Astonishing Video Game Myths That Turned Out To Be True

8. Halo‘s Pistol Was Intentionally Overpowered

In a lot of FPS games, the pistol is the first gun you start out with and the first gun you’ll ditch when you need to free up your inventory for new weapons. Of course, the one very big exception to that rule is the M6D Personal Defence Pistol from Halo. Not only does the pistol have pinpoint accuracy, it’s also incredibly powerful, which led to griping from many players who felt the weapon was overpowered and upset the balance of the game. Over time, a rumor grew that Bungie co-founder Jason Jones had increased the power of the pistol just before the game shipped, and, in a 2013 interview, Jones finally ‘fessed up and admitted that he did just that.

According to Jones, many of the developers felt the pistol wasn’t quite at the level where it needed to be, but since the game was so close to being released, no one was very willing to go in and start messing around with the code. That is, no one except for Jones, who ultimately decided to adjust the code for the pistol resulting in it becoming one of the best weapons in the entire Halo series. Source:

7. Luigi is Dead in Luigi’s Mansion

Ever since it was revealed that Birdo is a transsexual, people have been combing through the Super Mario games in an effort to find other shocking details and hidden conspiracies. For instance, in Luigi’s Mansion for the GameCube, there’s an urban legend that if you go to a certain room, stand in a specific spot and wait for lightning to strike, you can see what appears to be a shadow hanging from the ceiling, making it look like Luigi had just committed suicide.

Though there is some debate about what the shadow actually is—some claim it’s a glitch, while others say the game was originally meant to be much more macabre and this is just one of the many remnants that lingered from an earlier version—the simplest explanation is that Luigi was actually a ghost from the start and never realizes it. While some would say this is really just a glitch and doesn’t actually mean anything, Luigi’s Mansion becomes a much creepier experience if you accept this myth at face value. Source:

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