The next battle royale game is an interactive live-action movie

Despite some idiot claiming the battle royale gold rush was over back in 2019, there are still plenty of BR projects elbowing their way into the crowded field. This year we’ve seen Naraka: Bladepoint make a big splash (and Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodhunt make a small ripple), and of course Squid Game was not only very good but set viewership records for Netflix. People still can’t get enough battle royale, and that’s probably not gonna change.

There’s a bridge between videogames and TV shows, and that’s the interactive video, like we saw with 2018’s Bandersnatch. Now battle royale is invading that space, too. The next battle royale is called Bloodshore, and it’s a live-action “interactive battle royale movie” launching on Steam in November. In Bloodshore you watch people trying to kill each other and make choices about who gets to kill who.

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