The state of Battlefield 2042: tank sniping, buff hovercrafts, and a ghost tower

The latest odd discovery made by Battlefield 2042 players is a way to hide a helicopter inside a building. Nestled among the skyscrapers that dot one side of the Hourglass map is a squat office building with a solid roof and, it turns out, illusory sides. Helicopters can magically pass through the building’s walls, allowing pilots to conceal themselves by hovering at its center.

The ghost tower is located in an area that’s off-limits to players who aren’t in aircraft, and I don’t foresee trips to the office becoming an essential piloting tactic. In all likelihood, the big upcoming patches (which will apparently include over 150 individual map fixes) will solidify the building, but for players who are already disappointed by Battlefield 2042, it’s another bug to add to a big list of grievances. 

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