The ultimate compact gaming keyboard is 20% off today

Good news, everyone: the Fnatic Streak65, one of the best compact mechanical keyboards, is 20% off at Amazon UK today. It’s dropped from its usual price of £110 to just £87.99; for reference that’s within £3 of the lowest price that we’ve ever seen for this model.

The Streak65 impressed Katharine when she reviewed it late last year, with its 65% size providing a good balance between maximising desk space while ensuring that all of the most keys are present and accounted for, including the all-important arrow keys (that are missing on 60% size keebs like the Ducky One2 Mini); there are also four macro keys on the right side.

The smaller size means more space for mousing, and also improves ergonomics – you can keep your hands in line with your arms, rather than splaying them wide as you’d normally do to use a full-size keyboard and mouse side-by-side. The Streak65 is also offered in a proper UK layout, complete with tall enter key and short left shift, a rarity for small form factor keyboards like this one.

Beyond the 65% form factor, Katharine also appreciated the low profile Speed Silver mechanical switches, which are super-fast for gaming while still feeling comfortable for typing. The keys have an actuation distance of just 1mm, making this a great choice for fast-paced games like Counter-Strike or Hades where you’ll be pressing the same button several times in succession.

The Streak65 feels very well built for its size too, thanks to a metal frame that provides tons of rigidity – you wouldn’t feel worried throwing this keyboard in your backpack if you fancied typing up a paper in the university café, for instance. (I’d also submit that the keyboard’s RGB lighting is nice and bright – and of course, if you’re not a fan of the rainbow wave that keyboard manufacturers like to use to demonstrate that a keyboard can turn any colour you desire, you can select a more restrained effect, a single colour or just turn the lighting off.)

Compared to other keyboards on the market, the Streak65 is priced quite competitively – similarly-specced models like the Corsair K65 and HyperX Origins Alloy Origins 60 are largely at that £110 mark, while the Asus ROG Falchion is at £150, so the Streak65’s discounted £88 asking price is quite reasonable.

What do you think? Do you have a better compact keyboard deal to share? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more peripheral deals in the near future!

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