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The World of Warcraft South Park Cosplayer Jarod Nandin Dies of COVID-19

Jarod Nandin, a cosplayer in the Blizzard community, who’s known for his South Park World of Warcraft cosplays, has died of COVID-19.

Michele Morrow, the host of BlizzCon, shared the news with her followers on Twitter. She said that she met him in 2013, and explained the reason for death as COVID-19.

She also was angry at those who did not obey the rules about COVID-19.

Jarod’s “That Which Has No Life,” cosplay from 2013 went viral and he proceeded to viral fame with that. Michele also tweeted on that cosplay.

He tweeted about his chest pains and got his COVID result as “Positive” 4 days after. And his last tweet was on December 28, saying things haven’t been going better, and the issue with oxygen saturation levels rose. Rest in peace, Nandin.

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