This $1,599 RTX 3070 Black Friday gaming PC is better than the prebuilt I just bought

As we monitor the deals on gaming PCs this week amid more than a year of GPU shortages, this deal on the ABS Gladiator Gaming PC caught my eye. Available on Newegg, this prebuilt includes an RTX 3070, an Intel i5 11400F, a 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD, and 16GB DDR4 RAM for $1,599.

I’m actually ticked off about this deal. Just one week ago I bought a Lenovo prebuilt that came with an RTX 3060 for pretty much the same price. Now I’m kicking myself, but not too hard. While I lost out on the extra GPU power, at least I got a nicer CPU than the Gladiator’s included i5. Still, the 11400F is more than enough to game on: our review called it “one of the best of the latest 11th Gen desktop CPUs.” You’re definitely getting some mileage out of your $1,599 here, especially considering the 1TB NVMe drive. I’d kill for one of those in my Lenovo.

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