This Black Friday gaming laptop deal is cheaper than a 512GB Steam Deck

If you’ve been unlucky in your search for a Steam Deck so far, then you may be looking for a Black Friday gaming laptop deal this year. Of course, even though both types of hardware are portable gaming machines, they are very different bits of kit. Still, depending on your priorities, you may find that this version of the Dell G15 offers what you’re looking for, now $599.99 after a $419 discount. Note: The deal goes live 6pm ET (3pm PT) on November 25. Not that I’d recommend this at anywhere close to its $1,018.99 original asking price, mind.

As Black Friday gaming laptop deals go, this isn’t be best, but it does have some advantages over Valve’s 512GB top-end machine. While the GTX 1650 it’s packing won’t bother the contenders on our list of the best gaming laptops, it does make it more powerful than the Steam Deck’s RDNA 2 GPU. That’s not bad considering the most expensive Deck costs $649.

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