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Many prominent Twitch streamers have been banned from the platform in 2020 under mysterious circumstances. The most recent of the bans has affected well known League of Legends streamer, Voyboy.

Voyboy, real name Joedat Esfahani, is a League of Legends esports player with him being on multiple teams throughout his career. He additionally livestreams his gameplay on Twitch, which is what he was doing when the ban suddenly hit.

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During one of his streams on November 5th, 2020, Esfahani was doing one of his usual League of Legends streams when the stream suddenly cut out. He soon discovered that he was banned mid-stream. It is unknown how long this stream will last as there has been no word on whether or not the ban is permeant in nature.

The apparent reason for this ban is currently unknown. However, many do theorize that the ban could be due to a recent wave of DMCA claims going through the site. This has hit many streamers due to background music or false flags in the system. These waves have resulted in many users getting temporary bans on the streaming platform in the past.

These bans can even come into place due to archived clips on their Twitch channels. This often means that streamers are stuck between deleting possibly hours of content they’ve saved over years due to sudden rule enforcement changes or getting banned from the platform. It doesn’t seem that Twitch is going to be letting up on this either despite the amount of backlash received from both viewers and content creators alike.

Even if streamers do delete the clips of VODs with the offending content, there are still streamers getting DMCA takedowns because of the already deleted videos. This further upsets those who use the platform as a way of connecting with fans and earning a living for themselves. With more and more streamers getting banned from Twitch like this, it’s unknown if representatives from the streaming platform listen to the concerns of those who use it.

As 2020 draws to a close soon, there will likely be more notable Twitch bans occurring before the year ends. It is unknown if any streamer will become the last straw for anyone, but there are certainly plenty who have begun to migrate away from the Amazon owned website before things get any worse for those who use it. Fans and streamers just have to hope that things get better in the future.

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