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Twitch Donates $1 Million to AbleGamers

Steven Spohn is surprised by a one million dollar donation from Twitch for his charity AbleGamers, which helps gamers with disabilities.

Steven Spohn is the COO of AbleGamers, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of gamers with disabilities using the power of video games. Spohn has been an inspirational role model for gamers with disabilities and has overcome many obstacles to help others. Spohn recently had a birthday in September and was determined to outdo his last birthday celebration, which was becoming friends with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In a heartfelt video to his fans, Spohn shared that after helping gamers with disabilities with the AbleGamers charity for 15 years, Spohn wanted to do even more. For his birthday wish, Spohn said he would try to raise $1 million dollars for the AbleGamers charity. Merely two months after his announcement, Spohn more than met his goal with a little help from Twitch and video game streamer DrLupo.

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During a stream with famous DrLupo and CEO of Twitch Emmitt Shear, Steven Spohn was told that Twitch would be directly donating one million dollars to AbleGamers. Spohn’s reaction was extremely wholesome and he later shared on Twitter that he has talked to The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and other celebrities, but none of them caught him off-guard like DrLupo did, citing that he is truly a hero and the kind of person Spohn wants to be.

DrLupo also had high praise for Spohn, saying “thank you so much for the important work for us, for the Twitch community, and gamers in general, man I appreciate you.” Spohn’s work with AbleGamers and writing about his challenges has touched and changed thousands of lives for the better. AbleGamers has worked with developers and controller manufacturers to produce games and accessories that cater to gamers with disabilities and the charity has also created a number of arcades and gaming centers that have equipment for gamers with disabilities.

Spohn streams on Twitch under the name “SteveinSpawn” and has recently played games like Among Us, Fall Guys, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Spohn shares inspirational words on his streams and titles many of his videos as “Hey you” followed by words of wisdom like “choose to be kinder even when the world give you reason not to be.”

The COO of AbleGamers won the Global Gaming Citizen Award at the 2019 Game Awards, and has continued his incredible work of improving the lives of gamers with disabilities. Spohn has been an incredible role model for never giving up and conquering inequality. People like Spohn and the other members of AbleGamers are changing the gaming industry for the better and granting people opportunities that may not have been available before. It is still a on-going effort, but with heroes like Steven Spohn fighting for positivity and inclusion, the gaming industry is in good hands.

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