Unofficial Warhammer and D&D miniatures for sale

It’s not often you see tabletop miniatures for sale at a decent price, and you usually have to look further than the official models if you’re playing a popular game. I don’t know anyone who plays Wrath of Kings, the miniatures game Kickstarted by the people behind Cool Mini Or Not, but its figures look like they’d a decent fit for certain other fantasy games, and can be found significantly cheaper than the official ones. Especially during Miniature Market’s annual Black Friday sale.

Take a look at the House Teknes starter box, whose mix of pigmen and armored warriors would make ideal orcs and town guards in a D&D game. You also get what looks like a gnome riding a kangaroo and a guy with an octopus on his head? It’s 30 neat-looking plastic plastic toy soldiers and it’s reduced from $70 to $8. Or check out the House Shael Han starter box, which packs in spear-wielding dominatrices, tusked warriors who don’t believe in shirts or shoes, and some kung-fu dudes with knives. It’s basically a couple of Warhammer witch elves, some orcs, and a start on the Cathay army, only it’s the same $8 instead of whatever arm and a leg Games Workshop charges for 24 minis these days.

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