Valheim developer says ‘it’s possible’ the game will get harder difficulty modes

Valheim has received a small content patch, as part of which it’s also shared a few sneak peeks at the next major expansion: Mistlands. The update adds some new enemy types to the Swamps region, which drop materials allowing hardy vikings to craft a new item: This patch also adds a new armour type, which is probably said item.

The image above is from another, yet untitled, future update, which will add caves to the Mountain biome, which will apparently have “lupine inhabitants.” There’s also the below glimpse at the Mistlands update: “The landscape is starting to take shape and the mist itself has begun to roll in, but what hides there still remains unknown…”

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

Iron Gate Studios has also been busy answering fan questions about the game, one of which was about the Mistlands release date. “I know you’re all very excited about the Mistlands, and so are we,” writes the developer. “But we’re still too early in development to be able to say for sure when the biome will be released. It unfortunately won’t be in 2021 though.”

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