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Video Game Mascots That Are Better Off Forgotten

12. Captain Blasto

First appearance: Blasto (1998)

Mascot for: Sony PlayStation

The Captain Blasto character is notable for being voiced by beloved actor Phil Hartman in his last project before his untimely death in 1998. Blasto was created by Sony Interactive and starred in the 1998 PlayStation game of the same name. A third-person shooter with platforming elements starring the bombastic, dimwitted superhero, Blasto follows alien overlord Bosc, who has conquered Uranus, kidnapped Space Babes and now wants Earth. You guessed it, it’s up to Blasto to stop him.

Gamers responded warmly to the game and character, and although it was not well-received critically, reviews at the time mentioned that the game was worth playing for Phil Hartman’s voice acting alone. That being said, it’s hard to see Blasto being a great mascot in 2018, even if Hartman were still around.


11. Captain Commando

First appearance: Captain Commando (1991)

Mascot for: Capcom

Captain Commando is Capcom’s original mascot, as well as a main character in the 1991 arcade beat ’em up of the same name. As the leader of the Commando Team, the Captain uses his naturally powerful mind and body, as well as his “Energy Gloves,” capable of shooting mighty bolts of fire and electricity, to defeat his enemies. The origin of Captain Commando as a character actually predates his appearance in his self-titled game.

Captain Commando was originally conceived as a spokesperson for Capcom. He was featured in the packaging and manuals of many of Capcom’s earlier titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America released between 1986 and 1989. The developed abandoned Captain Commando in the 90s in favor of stronger mascots like Mega Man and the Street Fighter cast.

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