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Warframe Announces Date for Digital TennoCon 2021

Digital Extremes confirms the date for the online TennoCon 2021 convention, revealing merchandise and digital packs for purchase.

Few games are as consistent and reliable as Warframe, whether it be with content updates or community communication. With that in mind, Warframe players know that even in a pandemic, TennoCon is inevitable. Players can now mark down the date of July 17 for TennoCon 2021, with Digital Extremes officially announcing the online convention this past week. It won’t be the same as an in-person convention, obviously, but Warframe players will hopefully respect the compromise.

Accompanying the announcement of TennoCon 2021’s official date, Digital Extremes also revealed two special event purchasables available for fans. First, there’s the TennoCon 2021 Digital Pack, a bundle full of unique cosmetics. Included in the bundle is a TennoCon 2021 Armor Set, Ephemera, Emote, Sigil, Glyph, and Ship Display. Also included is 475 Platinum, as well as access to Baro’s full inventory from July 17 through 24. The Digital Pack costs $24.99.

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For Warframe fans hoping for merchandise instead of digital content, there’s the TennoCon 2021 Merch Pack. Included in the pack is a TennoCon 2021 t-shirt, pin, lanyard with charm, and event badge, as well as a unique digital Merch Pack glyph and ship display. The Merch Pack retails for $44.99 before shipping. Alternatively, Warframe fans can buy a bundle with both the Digital Pack and Merch Pack for $64.99, a $5 discount.

TennoCon 2021 won’t be the same digitally instead of live, but Digital Extremes is doing what it can to keep things fun and meaningful. To that effect, Digital Extremes confirmed the Unity Project will be this year’s TennoCon charity partner. There will also be an art show and cosplay contest, just like normal. Artists and cosplayers will just have to submit their work digitally. It may be digital, but Digital Extremes hopes to make TennoCon 2021 as special as it can be.

Warframe is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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