Warzone Audio Bang podcast episode four: so near, yet so FFAR

James and I are back to rattle your eardrums with our words on Warzone. The zombie outbreak has escalated a little, and some ‘nerfs’ have hit two rifles we despise. James also can’t stop accidentally purchasing RC-XDs at the Buy Stations.

There’s also talk about what it feels like to be 27 years old and the unbelievable gift I received from my Warzone brethren. James talks about this 007 car chase sequence where a helicopter pursued him for ages, and I reckon it deserves a movie adaptation. And of course, we blame all our recent losses in the Warzone on the meta. We hate the FFAR meta and it sucks.

In another surprise, I actually spent some money in the COD Store on a skin. I think it’s very cool and I would absolutely spend my hard-earned cash on virtual items again.

COD names re-emerges once again, this time with a family we keep bumping into and a certain someone with a particularly large appendage. The Captain Price is Right also makes a triumphant return, and this time I’ve picked out a Tac-Laser for James to take a swing at.

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