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Winter Express LTM Returns in Apex Legends 2020 Holo-Day Bash

Apex Legends’ 2020 Holo-Day Bash brings in the Winter Express LTM and a bunch of new holiday-themed cosmetics.

Apex Legends’ holiday event, the Holo-Day Bash, is returning this December, developers Respawn Entertainment announced today. The event will begin on December 1st, bringing in the return of the Winter Express limited-time mode, as well as a host of new weapon and character skins. The event will continue until January 4th.

The 2020 Holo-Day Bash ushers in the return of Winter Express, a limited-time game mode that first debuted in last year’s holiday event. The mode sees three squads fight for control of the train on the World’s Edge map. The game takes place over three rounds, with all squads skydiving into areas around the train. It takes ten seconds to claim the train, which is done by either being the only squad on it or by being the last team standing.

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Unlike the regular battle royale mode, loot does not spawn around the map. Instead, players are given preset weapons and utility depending on which legend they chose to play. Preset Legend loadouts change every day. Killed enemies drop ammo, as there are no boxes leftover after a player is eliminated.

Overtime begins after 30 seconds, where only the middle train car can be used to stake claim on the train. Killed players are made to wait at a train station for 30 seconds before respawning. They are allowed to change their legend during this time. Each game round lasts 90 seconds from the time the train stops at a station.

Along with the return of Winter Express, the 2020 Holo-Day Bash brings in a bunch of new character and weapon skins. Loba’s Crystalline Perfection and Revenant’s Frost Ancient, along with the Spitfire’s Frozen Fury and the L-Star’s Natural Fusion, are introduced to the game as new Legendary skins. Horizon’s Absolute Zero has been announced as an Epic skin, while Bloodhound’s Solstice, Crypto’s Cool Operator, and the R99’s Cold Snap are revealed as Rare.

Each of these skins will be available to purchase through bundles in Apex Legends’ in-game store on December 1st, when the 2020 Holo-Day Bash begins. Players will also be able to track their in-game rewards progress through the new Holo-Day Rewards Track. The 2020 Holo-Day Bash will conclude on January 4th, 2021.

Source: Respawn

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