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Witchery Academy Devs Share Farming Progress

The developers of Witchery Academy have been doing their best to keep followers up to date on their games progress.

As some of you may know, I have been keep[ing my eye on this game for some time now. Witchery Academy is a fantasy life role playing game where you must complete tasks in a school for witches and wizards. Learn all the ins and outs of the magical world; like potion making and learning an array of spells. 

You will also have to do some garden tending, to make sure your horticulture skills stay sharp. Plant, grow and harvest all sorts of delicious goodies right at school. You will have to leave the building and explore the surrounding area to meet other students, and do a little questing.

Now, the developers have shared a little video showing off how well the development of the farming feature is coming along. Farming will be an important aspect of the game, and will be used in many ways, like to grow ingredients for your potion making.

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Witchery Academy has already been announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch!!

For more inforamtion on Witchery Academy, you can check out my coverage here.

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