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Xbox Improves Quick Resume and Parental Controls in May Update

Microsoft has announced the new features coming to the Xbox dashboard this month, including improved functionality for Quick Resume on Xbox Series X, better access to trailers on Game Pass, and better parental controls.

The biggest update comes for Xbox Series X owners. Quick Resume, the feature that lets you pick up where you left off in almost any game, is being demystified in this update. Players can now see a listing of every game with a game state saved via Quick Resume and pin that list to their dashboard. This will allow players to not only keep track of which games are suspended but end that suspension if necessary.

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Parents who have purchased an Xbox for their children will now be able to turn on multiplayer functionality on a game-by-game basis via the Xbox Family Settings app. Children can also send a request to their parents via the console for a title that is restricted, letting them choose whether they want Little Jimmy jumping into a session of Execution in Gears 5.

Other updates this month include a new dynamic background on Xbox Series X, audio passthrough to external sound systems for media apps, and the ability to view trailers instantly while browsing the Xbox Game Pass library. Microsoft also noted that the Xbox One SmartGlass app would begin the sunsetting process this June, rending it outdated in favor of the Windows 10 Xbox app.

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These updates start rolling out today and should hit all compatible consoles this week.

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