XL Candy Guide: How to get, Power Up Costs and Mechanics

XL Candy in Pokémon GO
XL Candy in Pokémon GO

XL Candy is a new currency required to powering up Pokémon beyond Level 40. In this guide we explain how to get XL Candy, how much it costs to power up a Pokémon from Level 40 to 50 and what are the important mechanics to keep in mind when using XL Candy.

XL Candy was introduced as a part of Pokémon GO’s Beyond update. For our leveling guide, see this: Pokémon GO Level 40 to 50 Guide: XP, Level up Tasks and Rewards.

XL Candy Explained

XL Candy iconWith the new level cap at level 50, we also have the introduction of a new type of Candy in Pokémon Go, XL Candy. To power up your Pokémon to level 40, there is a Stardust and candy cost, but to go beyond level 40, you need XL Candy along with your Stardust. XL Candy is individual to each specific Pokémon breed.

You cannot start earning XL Candy until you are Level 40, and there does not seem to be any limit on how much XL Candy a trainer can earn in one day.

You can power your Pokémon up to Level 50 from a trainer Level of 40, so you don’t need to be above Level 40 to have maxed out Level 50 Pokémon. Level 50 Pokémon are not currently usable in any PVP League.

How to get XL Candy in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO XL Candy can be gained in a variety of different ways, they are not guaranteed to give you XL Candy, but all have a random chance of receiving an XL Candy.

Catching a Pokémon can reward from zero XL Candy, to 3 XL Candy. Catching an evolved form does not make it any more likely to reward XL Candy, and it appears to be a random reward. Catching a shiny Pokémon, or a Legendary Raid Boss, all have the same chance as regular wild Pokémon or either giving, or not giving XL Candy.

Whether or not a Pokémon rewards XL Candy is individual to the trainer, so just because you gain an XL Candy from a specific Pokémon, does not mean another Trainer will.

Note: Pinap Berries have no influence on the drop rate or quantity of XL candy.

Legendary and Mythical Pokémon work in a similar way to regular Pokémon, and catching them can randomly reward a single XL Candy.

It has been reported that a Meltan box can reward up to 18 Meltan XL Candy in an hour.

Hatching a Pokémon gives up to a set amount of XL Candy. A 5km egg rewards up to 16 XL Candy, and 10km eggs reward up to 24 XL Candy. 2km and 7km do not currently appear to reward XL Candy.

Trading a Pokémon can randomly give a single XL Candy, either to one trainer, or both. If one trainer trading is under level 40, the level 40+ trainer can still gain an XL Candy, but the trainer below level 40 cannot.

Transferring a Pokémon can randomly reward a single XL Candy. Mass transferring Pokémon can reward multiple XL Candies.

Additionally, you can also exchange 100 regular Pokémon candy to a single XL Candy, quite a steep cost, and probably the least efficient method. If you have a large amount of candy for a Pokémon that is sat collecting dust, like a huge amount of Eevee candy after Eevee Community Day, why not swap some of those thousands of candy for XL Candy?

XL Candy Level up Costs

Levelling up with XL Candy is certainly an expensive endeavor! Purified Pokémon have a slightly reduced XL Candy cost, and Shadow Pokémon have an even higher XL Candy cost.

Do note that it takes two powerups to increase a whole level. It will take you 250000 dust and 296 Candy XL to power up a Pokémon from Level 40 to 50.

The following table lists XL Candy and Stardust Cost for upgrading Pokémon from Level 41 to Level 50 in Pokémon GO:


PokéMiners posted a summarized infographic on their data mining channels, which we’re attaching below:

Pokemon Level Up Requirements for Level 41-55
Pokémon Level Up Requirements for Level 41-55


Farming XL Candy is going to be a long-winded experience, making the grind to a maxed out level 50 Pokémon a tricky task! Hatching seems to reward the most XL Candy with a set amount for 5km and 10km eggs, and exchanging Pokémon candy seems to be the most arduous as 100 candy for 1 XL Candy is a very small amount of reward.

Catching every Pokémon you see, and trading before transferring whenever possible will be the speediest way to gain XL Candy.

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