Yarrr! Get a free Pirate King Garrosh skin in Hearthstone for logging in

Be honest: You need the Pirate King in your life, matey. (Image credit: Blizzard)

I’ve long wrestled with the dilemma of which skin to use while experimenting with my various failed Quest Warrior decks. (These can be best summed up as ‘Yo, ho, no.’) Rokara seems like thematically she fits in Rush decks, classic Garrosh is more of a Control Warrior kinda guy, and it’ll be a cold day on the Burning Steppes when you catch me using Magni Bronzebeard for anything. Thankfully, Team 5 came in clutch today with the Pirate King Garrosh skin, which is being given away free as part of Hearthstone’s annual Hallow’s End event.

To snag the skin, all you need to do is hit the shop and grab it—completely gratis. And in case you’re in any doubt as to whether you actually need this piratical frippery, let me tell you that his threaten emote is: “Listen up, ye lily livered hornswaggler!” There’s no world in which that alone isn’t going to approve your MMR as opponents are blindsided by its sea salty brilliance. Arr harr, indeed.

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