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You May Soon Be Able To Share Your Custom Call Of Duty Weapons On Twitter

Activision has reportedly filed for a patent that will allow you to share your complete loadout on social media.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War might be the thing that people are talking about most, having been released just a couple of weeks ago in conjunction with next-gen consoles. However, the innovations that we’ve seen from Cold War are far from the last—Activision has filed for a patent to allow you to share your custom weapons on social media.

Creating custom loadouts through the “gunsmith” mechanic in the game has long been one of the defining features of Call of Duty games. The ability to customize your weapons to your gameplay (and fashion) style are up there with the prestige system as one of the major attractions of the game. It displays your competence in the game, and rewards your progress by giving you more and better equipment.

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Therefore, having the perfect loadout is a point of pride—which of course, should be shared. Unfortunately, there is currently no real way to share your creation with others, unless they pick it up from the battlefield—having bested you in a gunfight. Activision may have a solution to that particular problem, though, as it has filed for a patent that will allow you to share your complete loadout on social media (and in-game), not just a picture of it.

The process would allow you to share your guns on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites while maintaining all of the digital data that makes up that gun. This means that others will be able to click on your post and download the complete loadout from your post. All of the stats will be available to see before the download, and every weapon attachment, color scheme, and trinket will also be available to view.

If Activision implements this system, it could change that way that some of you play the game. Some of you may find that you don’t want to share your loadout with the world, while others may want to see their weapons used by the majority of people who play Call of Duty games. It’s a fascinating system that we hope actually makes its way to the game. We would be interested in seeing what you do with it.

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Source: US Patent Office

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